The Evil House is the fourteenth novel in the Spooksville series.

"Most people said the house was dangerous. It is Halloween and Spooksville is either the best place to be, or the worst. It depends on how scared you want to get. Adam and his friends dress up in their costumes and set out for a fun night of trick-or-treating. But along the way they come across the Evil House, which Watch and Sally say is worse than the Witch's Castle and the Haunted Cave combined. In fact, the Evil House has a lit jack-o'-latern sitting outside that doesn't even have a candle inside it. No way they're going up to that door, they say to each other. But just then there is a loud scream. It comes from inside the house. It sounds like someone in pain. The gang feels obligated to see what is the matter. So they knock on the door. And the door opens. They go inside, and it is very dark in the house. But will they ever get outside again?"

It was published in January 1997 by Pocket Books, a subdivision of Simon & Schuster Inc, under the A Ministrel Book division.


On Halloween Night in Spooksville, Adam, Sally, Watch, Cindy and Bryce prepare for trick-or-treating.