The Dangerous Quest is the twentieth novel in the Spooksville series. It is the third and final adventure using the Secret Path, and is unique in that it is the first novel in which a main character dies.


Adam, Sally, Watch, Cindy, and Bryce are eating at their favorite coffee shop when Sally and Cindy notice Watch's lack of appetite. Everyone becomes concerned that Watch might be sick, due to this and his rapid breathing and excessive perspiration, but Watch insists he is fine until he falls to the floor from weakness. He then admits that he not only believes that he is sick, but that he is dying, due a mysterious event that occurred the previous day. Watch explains that he read a book called The Emerald Sun and attempted to resell it to the bookseller Mr. Carver when a stranger approached him and insisted on talking to him about the book. Over coffee, after asking Watch if he loved the book, the man touched an emerald stone to Watch's forehead, which caused him to become dizzy and faint. The man then ran off and Watch was able to follow him to the graveyard, where he saw him use Madeline Templeton's tombstone to enter the Secret Path. Ever since, Watch has felt his health decline.