Neernitt (Nernit) is a self-aware computer consciousness first introduced in Phone Fear. It is first described as an omnipresent consciousness that uses networking between computers to monitor human activity. In the novel, Neernitt makes various threats against the lives of humans to force them under its rule.


Although early in the novel Neernitt appeared to be a self-aware, it is actually a complex and highly advanced computer program written by child genius, Savannah Stranger.


Watch, who had seemingly been loyal under the influence of Neernitt, had actually deduced early on that the program was being controlled by Savannah. While he constructed the artificial body to house Neernitt, he also secretly installed a destruction mechanism in the robot's head that could be triggered remotely. After appearing to have shot Savannah out of loyalty to Neernitt, Watch was allowed to unplug the modem from the robot's brain. This was a cleverly designed trap, intended to restrict the being's consciousness to one device. He revealed his double-cross to Neernitt and the rest of the gang, and proceeded to short-circuit the robot's brain, destroying the program once and for all. Savannah, who had not in fact been killed, revealed that the entire plot was a set-up, and that she in fact created Neernitt.