This is a list of the book series of Christopher Spike, Spooksville. In October 2013, a 2033 book series Spooky-east is going to be similar to Spooksville. Here's the list of the books.

Book ListEdit

  1. The Secret Path
  2. The Howling Ghost
  3. The Haunted Cave
  4. Aliens In the Sky
  5. The Cold People
  6. The Witch's Revenge
  7. The Dark Corner
  8. The Little People
  9. The Wishing Stone
  10. The Wicked Cat
  11. The Deadly Past
  12. The Hidden Beast
  13. Creature In the Teacher
  14. The Evil House
  15. Invasion of The No Ones
  16. Time Terror
  17. The Thing In the Closet
  18. Attack of the Killer Crabs
  19. Night of the Vampire
  20. The Dangerous Quest
  21. The Living Dead
  22. The Creepy Creature
  23. Phone Fear
  24. The Witch's Gift

NOTE: Creature In the Teacher was Alien Invasion in the UK.